Northern Utah Bonneville Shoreline Trail Master Plan

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  Table of Contents

 Introduction-Goals and Objectives

 Chapter 1-Context Analysis, Case Studies and Natural Resource Analysis

 Chapter 2- Trail Alignment Analysis by Segment

        Segment 1- Pleasant View to Brigham City    MAP 1      MAP 2

        Segment 2- Brigham City to Deweyville    MAP 3     MAP  4    MAP 5

        Segment 3- North Wellsville Mountain Connection    MAP 6    MAP 7

        Segment 4- Mendon to Wellsville    MAP 7     MAP 8    MAP 9

        Segment 5- Wellsville to Avon    MAP 9    MAP 10    MAP 11     MAP 12

        Segment 6- Avon to Hyrum    MAP 12    MAP 13

        Segment 7- Blacksmith Fork Canyon to Logan    MAP 13     MAP 14

        Segment 8- Logan to Smithfield    MAP 14     MAP 15

        Segment 9- Smithfield to Idaho    MAP 15     MAP 16    MAP 17

Chapter 3- Trail Design and Construction Standards

Chapter 4- Implementation Plan

Appendix A: Case Study Approach

Appendix B: BST Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix C: Utah Statewide Trail Initiative

Appendix D: Northern BST Scoping: Public Workshop Questionaire, Summary and Response Letters 

Appendix E: Trail Users' Meeting Minutes

Appendix F: Northern BST Fire Break Native Plant List

Appendix G: Northern BST Trail Maps (See maps above)

Appendix H: Forest Service Sample Trail Bridge Designs

Appendix I: Northern BST Trail User Etiquette

Appendix J: BST Community Trail Myths

Appendix K: BST Liability Issues