Ben Lomond Peak

Beus Canyon Trailhead on 46th St

Beus Dr Trailhead

Bridge Crossing Waterfall Canyon

Bridge in Waterfall Canyon





Heading north from Beus Dr trailhead

Hot springs at mouth of Ogden Canyon

Looking North across Strongs Canyon

Looking south across Ogden Canyon

Northbound detour around gated canal

Ogden Canyon Trailhead

Ogden Canyon from overlook

Replacing a stone that was knocked out of place

Rock Ogden section

Rocks south of Ogden Canyon

South of Ogden Canyon

Southbound detour around gated canal

Start of trail at Rainbow Gardens

Swithbacks south of Ogden Canyon

Technical section Ogden section

Trail sign looking north out of Taylor Canyon

Trailhead at Ogden Canyon

View looking north near Beus Dr trailhead

View looking south near Beus Dr Trailhead